My name is Erica- thanks for coming to The Resilient Athlete!

Yes, I am an athlete. I have played soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. I enjoy outdoor rock climbing and slacklining. I was a cross-country and track runner in high school. I was a locally sponsored elite triathlete.

I’m injured.

At age 30, I now haven’t been running (something I did almost daily since the age of 11), for three years.

I have gone to several PTs, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, dry needling, myofascial massage, gotten MRIs and X-rays-  you name it. No one knows what’s wrong with me or how to fix it.

This blog started out as an outlet for me to describe the agonies of injury as an avid athlete. And over time it has helped me realize that there is more to me than being an athlete. I also like to knit, and draw, and write. It forced me to research further into nutrition, which I find really fascinating and enjoy reading about. This caused me to look into DIY natural skin and hair care- with which the inner scientist in me loves to experiment.

I hate to admit it, but this injury has forced me (I definitely think “forced” is the right word there) to look at health and life more holistically. It also showed me that the approach needs to be more relaxed and more loving toward myself.

I thought health and happiness were destinations.

Things that you could pound yourself into the ground hard enough to one day achieve and then sit back and look at your accomplishment. But it doesn’t work that way. You end up missing it. You are so busy working hard, that life passes you by. Opportunities pass you by. People pass you by.

On this blog you’ll find my musings about athletics, training, nutrition, art, writing, DIY skin and hair care experiments and whatever else I can think of that makes me a whole human being.

Because THAT is what makes an athlete resilient.

A full life. Not putting the entire heavy load of all your happiness in the athletics bucket. When there is a complete, balanced picture, all of the individual pieces can add richness to the rest.

Check out more of my story in my first 3 posts! Redefining “Healthy”,  Redefining “Healthy” Part 2, and Re-defining “Healthy” Part 3!



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