Healing Unsightly Skin Spots with Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil

Recently, I finally decided that I had had enough with some “spots” that I had developed on my chest. They had been there for months (maybe close to a year, wasn’t really keeping track).

They were small, round, reddish spots that were sometimes scaly. They didn’t really itch or anything- it was mostly a cosmetic thing. But I wanted them gone!

These are the spots- located on my sternum around where my bra strap lands.

So I did some research on “skin discolorations”…which is HARD.

Maybe some day we can take a picture and put it into Google and say “What is this?” But not yet.

So I read a lot of descriptions of skin conditions and finally found tinea versicolor.

The pictures that you can find online for this condition vary pretty widely. But I found that the ones that were similar, were more similar than the photos of any other skin conditions, so I pressed on.

The description of the symptoms is what has me pretty convinced.

It is brought on by warm and humid climates, and gets worse with sun exposure and sweating.

The areas of the body that tinea versicolor usually occurs are the chest, back, neck and arms, and is concentrated where a lot of sweat pools. This makes sense- those areas of the body tend to get a lot of sun exposure!

Bingo- mine is on my sternum, underneath my bra strap area, where I would experience lots of sweating, and some sun exposure during the summer.

It is described as a fungus, therefore anti-fungal treatments are recommended. As well as not to wear tight clothing and reduce sun exposure.

Pretty straight forward, right?

So I did a quick refresher search on those natural foods and oils that could be considered anti-fungal (and that I have on-hand) and we have:

  • Coconut oil
  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • Garlic
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Aloe vera

So I took on the following routine:

  1. Wet a cotton pad with ACV and rub onto spots. I even squeezed out the excess.
  2. Let it air dry.
  3. Cover in coconut oil.
  4. Allow to soak in before putting on clothing.

I did this twice a day for one week and here are the results:

Version 2
After ONE WEEK!! You can see a slight hint of the top one, but it’s pretty much gone.

I can barely see the spots anymore!! I am amazed.

I was NOT expecting to see such great results so fast. I was, in fact, preparing myself for a couple months of this ritual, and perhaps trying tea tree oil and aloe vera.

No need! Hooray!

I’m super excited that I was able to solve this problem without too much effort or having to go to the doctor to get prescription medication.

Here’s another successful entry for the DIY experimentation diary!

What have you used ACV and coconut oil for?



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