Redefining “Healthy” Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2, I described my past with physical activity and diet, my mentality around health and fitness, and the injury that made it come crashing down. In this post I will complete my story, and thus complete the intro to this blog. 🙂


The Shift

The Shift in my mental framework around health will also have to be described in further detail in future posts. It was, and continues to be, a journey. I would say that it started during The Turn, but I think most people can attest to the fact that often times one does not get inspired into action until they reach their Lowest of Lows.

What started me on my shift was thinking more about health and wellness and how they are defined in our culture (versus what actually makes sense).

The chiropractor I had been seeing helped me in changing my views about my body.

It is NOT Me vs. My Body.

My body is on my side- not my enemy. It is always doing its best to heal and be healthy. In fact, my body is really smart! It knows what it needs and communicates those needs to me through plenty of signs- that I’m choosing to ignore.

Maybe I was getting in its way? Was I giving it the tools it needs for the job?

Obviously, the main tool I give my body is fuel: FOOD.

This spurred me on to read more about the Paleo Diet and lifestyle and talk about it with Mr. Resilient. Mr. Resilent had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and was eating gluten free and dairy free (and a whole lot other “free”).

Eating as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did, sans processed foods, and only whole and local foods, made a ton of sense. For thousands of years, mankind has eaten the foods that the earth has provided, and yet, somehow the foods that have been created in labs and factories in the last 100 years have been touted as being “healthy” (?!).

Gradually, and quite unintentionally, I found myself eating less and less of gluten, dairy, and processed foods….

Epiphany at Epiphany


Without paying much attention, I had been eating gluten free and dairy free for 3 weeks prior to Christmas 2013 (get it? Epiphany?). I wasn’t “going paleo” or trying to be “good”. But it was starting to become a habit while dating Mr. Resilient (I mean, if he won’t kiss me when I’ve had a quesadilla, we have a problem).

Christmas is all about sugar, dairy, and gluten galore- so, naturally, I didn’t give consuming those things a second thought. Bring on the Christmas cookies!

Regrets. So many regrets.

I’ll spare you the details, but I ended up spending Christmas Day, home alone, sick with a cold, frequent trips to the bathroom, and the worst cystic acne I have ever experienced in my life.

Whoa. What changed?

Easy. What I was eating.

That one experience alone was enough to get me off of gluten and dairy for the next 3 years.

Here and Now

My shift in focus over the last 3 years has been towards nourishing my body.

Working with it, not fighting against it.

I’m still working on my injuries unfortunately. However, I’m making progress and doing only those activities that don’t cause pain.

My mentality around exercise has shifted: I’m doing only those things that I find fun, I don’t force workouts when I have a busy day or I’m tired, and I’m not doing things to lose weight (although this one I’m still working on…more on that later!).

What I’m finding is that my mind is being blown.

The notion that I had drilled into my head that I had to workout every day or else I’d be fat and unhappy has simply not proven to be true.

My weight is the most stable it has ever been and I have been working out LESS. MUCH less.

My acne is better than it has been since before puberty.

I have also started applying the “food is fuel” philosophy to all things related to my body. Namely, if I wouldn’t eat it, why would I let my skin absorb it? My new found passion is experimenting with DIY skin and hair care that you could eat (or get from the ground). Stay tuned for future posts on my experiments!

In Summary

I hope this gives some insight into what I have to share with this blog and why I am so passionate about it.

I have found freedom in my new definition of “health”, and I would love to share it!

Personal experiences are truly the loudest voices that we could possibly hear. First and foremost your own, but in close second are those from a friend.

I hope to encourage you and create a community with you where we can share our stories of triumph, struggle, and exciting ideas for the future!

Happy Living!


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