Redefining “Healthy” Part 2

In Part 1, I described my past with physical activity and diet and the things that shaped my mentality around health and fitness. In this post, I will continue my story, starting where I left off at “The Turn” and continuing into “The Lowest of Lows.”

The Turn Continued…


Despite the constant, nagging pain in my left glute and leg, I continued to race triathlons that summer. I actually raced some of my best and fastest times to date. The summer also filled up with rock climbing and camping trips, slacklining, ultimate frisbee, lots of time with friends- I never slowed down.  To this day I consider it one of the best summers of my life.

But when the summer ended, the pain didn’t.

This made me concerned. For the most part it only bothered me when I ran. So I decided to take a break from running and do some self-prescribed PT. But after a few months of no results, I decided to go to the experts. I found a PT clinic that works with professional athletes, which seemed like a good endorsement. But, after a couple months with them, I was worse.

I eventually made the difficult decision to quit racing until I fixed the issue. Racing at “my prime” in my twenties just wasn’t worth it if it meant that I would risk my quality of life in my forties or fifties.

Lowest of Lows



The details of the next three years I will leave for another post, but I will summarize it briefly here. I continued to jump from PT clinic to PT clinic, I tried chiropractic every day for 2 years, I tried acupuncture for 6 months, massages, dry needling, myofascial work etc.

All of these things provided little relief, and mostly I just became extremely depressed.

Depressed because I felt like I could no longer do the things I enjoyed.

Depressed because I was watching people that I would otherwise hang out with go on adventures I longed to be on.

Depressed because I was watching a part of my identity fade away.

I love athletics and competition. I had always planned to be active my whole life. And now I was going several days a week with no exercise?

Who was this person?

This was also when my body image issues, which I may have been aware of but didn’t think were a problem, came roaring to life. I was weighing myself constantly. Worrying about gaining weight. Worrying about not fitting into my clothes. Worrying about being fat and unhappy. Worrying about my upcoming wedding for which I had planned to be in the best shape of my life…

To Be Continued (and concluded, I promise!) in Part 3….


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